Life at No.22, New Zealand

A Pen, Paper and my Imagination

Today, there is a bit of action happening on my blog.

Firstly, Globalhousesitterx2 became Life at No.22.
Regards to the new title it seems more fitting description at this stage of our lives. As we are no longer travelling fulltime and are now spending more time in New Zealand. Though we are still holding onto a small glimmer of hope that we can fulfil a few housesitting commitments this year. The next month will reveal whether this will be a reality or not. While still remembering our most important responsibility is to ensure the Squire is happy, healthy as can be and doing what he wants to do with his time. Not sure what I am referring too? Then have a read of Hello, 2019 – We CANcer vive!

Secondly, my blog turned 3 years old, though it took me until the end of 2016 to publish a post publically!. Hard to believe she is that old!! I have loved every moment, well nearly every moment as a newbie blogger.

Last but not least is acknowledging the overwhelming support we have received from friends, family and my blogging friends.

With regards to all you bloggers out there, this post I wrote about penpals of past, made me realise how much I enjoy having you all in my life. You are penpals just in a different way from using a pen, paper and the use of snail mail.

Again a big thank you, goes out to you all. Hopefully, you will have time to read the blog below.

Suzanne X

27 thoughts on “A Pen, Paper and my Imagination”

  1. I really like the new name and happy blogiversary!

    When I was as school, I used to have a PenPal in County Cork and loved getting mail from her – such a great way to learn about another country. Also used to float stamps off letters and collect them in albums…doubt this happens these days.

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    1. Thanks Nilla. Les used to collect stamps as did one of my brothers. Yes, I loved receiving mail actually I still do. Though very rare to get it via the snail mail. No doubt why I love blogging 😊

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  2. Happy new year Susanne, looks like lots of changes are afoot for you. Great name choice, suits where you’re at. I wish you al the very best. Hope you have a wonderful year. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Natalie and a very happy new year to you. Wonderful that you still keep in contact with your penpals by email, not an easy task to keep in contact with people.


  3. I missed your earlier post, Suzanne. Sending all best wishes and healing vibes for a happy and healthy 2019. I love the new name for your blog, you’re not tied to anything specific. I don’t think there’s a problem with changing your Twitter handle.

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    1. Regarding the blog name hindsight is a great thing!! Thanks very much Cathy for the good wishes and healing vibes and the same back to you 😀

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  4. I thought I hadn’t read the pen pal post before, but there I am in the comments telling you that one of my friends had recently met her American pen pal of 50 years. My mind was a complete blank at that, it rang no bells at all! I had to sit with my eyes closed and concentrate for several minutes to remember who it was. Oh dear, senior moments.

    Like the new title.

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    1. Thanks for the laugh Anabel! Even at my tender age I am frequently having “senior moments”. Some more challenging than others 🙂 That was lovely for your friend to meet her penpal after all that time. I still remember the thrill of receiving a letter by post. To be honest I still enjoy it. Though the cost and the limited times we receive mail is not really worth it for many.

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  5. Nice name change as it describes perfectly where you are in your life. I’m sure it’ll all work out fine. Not sure how you manage it on social media but there must be a way. Hope the squire is doing okay.

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    1. Thanks, Jonno. Yes the Squire is ok. Facebook won’t let me change the name so will have to start up another page. At the end of the day my blog is for pleasure not to be monetized or go professional. Though what is important is keeping all the contacts and the people that followed us when we were nomads. My posts won’t be about what I had for breakfast or everyday things. More about showcasing NZ and a few topics similar too Pen, Paper and my Imagination.


    1. Thanks for the info April and I like the new name too 😀 I didn’t want to start a new one as it’s taken a while to build up this blog. It’s good to keep it all within one blog.

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    1. Liesbet, do you think it was a bad move? I didn’t want two blogs and on reflection the name wasn’t the best one to choose for longevity.


      1. I don’t necessarily think it was a bad move. I’m just wondering whether you’ve thought the change through enough. I say that, because both titles might exclude each other. When you’re in NZ your new title works, when you’re house sitting the old one does, but during that time, you’re not writing about Life at No.22 either.

        Also, I hope you guys will still do a lot of travel and then you’re away from this address as well. Tricky.

        I like the new blog title, but I would certainly keep a page/tab on the blog that is called globalhousesitterx2, where all your house sitting posts could be collected. And, to keep that name going as well.

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        1. Thanks for your input Liesbet. The main name will still be as it was when I had up Globalhousesitterx2. Life at No.22 will still go on holiday 😀 It is a permanent basis so will always be relevant. Though I understand what you are getting at. I just didn’t want to have 2 blogs.

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