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Thoughts on Turning 60

Some life events leave us speechless for a little while.

For me, one of those was turning 60.

The number itself is absolutely daunting, and no more wriggle room to claim the high road of middle age.  For me, 60 is not the new 40 as I have no desire to go backward.

As a child, I viewed 60 as an endpoint a small stopping place for coffin dodgers on the way to death.  Even in my 30’s, people in the ’60s were considered elderly.  And here I am staring that birthday very shortly right into its wrinkled old face.

At this point, I would like to emphasise that I do not feel like an old wrinkly person past midlife.

I haven’t bothered to try and alter the outside of my nearly 60-year-old body.  Apart from the fact, the money involved is eye-watering.  More emphasis will be continued to be done on keeping those hard working inands as healthy as possible.  I will keep feeding them healthy fodder in the form of as many positive thoughts and more good food.

Not quite sure if my patience will be improved.  I will keep trying to improve that personality trait or in my case a lack of it.

My childhood memories may still be technicolour, but they are remembered with the blurred time scale of “long ago”.

In memory at least, my childhood crawled by.  It was measured in long school days, school holidays with cousins and even longer summer day beach antics with friends.


The countless times I was sent to my bedroom for many a misdemeanour.  It was endless evenings of playing outside until we couldn’t see any longer.  Wanting time to stand still when we knew it was time to head home.

The wondering who I would be when I grew up.


There was time and more time.  Its passing was incidental, and every step most times seemed to be heading in the right direction.  We played hopscotch and jumped in and out of an elastic rope.

For more reading on days gone by reading the below posts:

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During that time on many occasions and moments, I wasn’t so sure that of my steps were exactly leading in the right direction.

Now I know that they were.  As I am in a good place in mind and in spirit, even though now and soon I will have to dig deep and stay strong more than any other time in my life.

Soon I will be 60.

I know it is only a number, though it feels to have such great importance.

What child can imagine turning 60?

And even if she can, she does believe it is so far in the distance that it hardly bears thinking about.  Here I am.  How do I gracefully grasp that age and step into the latter phase of my life?

As we age, we are viewed differently.  The aged are humoured in their daily actions.  If we are lucky enough to live that long in good health.  You dance a jig in your 80’s, and everyone cheers you on merely for picking up your feet.

My 40’s and 50’s exceeded my expectations.


The Squire and I have achieved so much together.  No significant health scares for me, though that can not be said for the most important person in my life, the Squire.  To understand what I am referring to read the post below.

Hello, 2019 – We CANcer vive!

We have travelled to exciting and faraway places, meeting more people with such varied lives, and cultures so different from ours.  My 60’s shouldn’t be any different?  And yet it feels that I am about to cross over a significant barrier.

Does it mean dinners served by 5.30pm?

Unimaginable and inexplicably NO.

Will I start to count my losses rather than my gains?


And what if, I start every story with, “In my day…”

I hope not.

Will this travelling lark become too much?

We are hoping not.

Will I have the energy to keep exploring for years to come?

I can’t imagine us not doing so.

As I approach 60, I choose to recall something that happened many years ago when I was a young one around the age of 30 something.  I was chatting with a neighbours child, and she asked how old I was with the next question being was I older than her mother.  I replied that I was much older and said my age.  She gasped and covered her mouth.  I was flattered, thinking she was aghast at how young I looked.  Then she said, in awe, “I never met anyone before who was that old”.  Out of the mouths of babes, came to mind!

Strangely, I’m becoming happier as I age.

I was a mess when I was young.  I looked good on the outside, but inside was a knotted ball of self-doubt, insecurity, and annoyance.  I wanted life to change quickly.  I had no patience, regarding that trait, some would say nothing has changed.  As previously stated I am still working on it.

Now the outside has weathered, with the inside being more content.

Gloating is allowed more when you are 60.

I become sad when I hear women 60-plus bemoaning their years and putting themselves down, especially physically.  I’ve never understood lamenting over time, especially if its been mostly good.  I do understand that health factors into everything, which is even more reason to celebrate if the old jalopy’s still running smoothly.

Like many people, I’ve decided my 60’s will be my second adolescence.  The doubts of youth have subsided.

It’s an open road from here onwards.

I’m about to turn 60.

Hopefully, I will keep taking those positive steps in the right direction with the Squire at my side for however long that may be.  With other people along my journey marvelling at meeting someone as old as me.  There are much worse things.  And yes, it can be sad and scary to be in that initial descent.

There’s an urgency that wasn’t there before.

So this girl is going to keep on learning, exploring and hopefully with more growth.  Definitely with more pushing out those boundaries of age.

Happy Birthday to me!

Me by the rocks in Snowdonia National Park_edited

thoughts on turning 60



36 thoughts on “Thoughts on Turning 60”

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Suzanne! Wishing you many more adventures and stories to talk about! I truly believe we’re only as old as we feel on the inside even if we may not look the part anymore. But who cares really? As long as you’re healthy all is good. Wrinkles should be something to be proud of. Look at all those women and men going for plastic surgery, they look more or less all the same, and quite horrendous too, I think.

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  2. Lovely thoughts – that I plan to pin to my #mlstl page for future reference. I will turn sixty in eleven months (and yes, I am counting). I am not dreading it and I do not feel “old” … but I am more aware of mortality as I approach this milestone birthday. And I realize that if I really hope to check things off that bucket list, I can no longer put them off. “Someday” is today.

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  3. Happy birthday Suzanne! I loved those roses in the pic (are they yours?) and so much of what your wrote resonated with me – I’m 57 and 60 seems quite daunting to me, but you’re right about how we were as teenagers and how much more inwardly content I am now – I’m sad for my younger self’s lack of confidence (and could cheerfully wring my parents’ necks for allowing that to develop!) Getting older sucks in some ways and is great in others – ultimately it all comes down to our attitude doesn’t it?
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM x

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  4. Happy birthday Suzanne! I know life is tough at the moment with the recent health news of The Squire so it is probably difficult not to get too overjoyed as another year passes. I must admit age never really occurs to me and I welcome each birthday. Sure there are times when I reflect on the fact that my genes are bad with my Dad passing away at 66, my mother at 63 and my brother at 65. So at 61 I’m making every day count. Thank you for being so honest with your thoughts and sharing with us at #MLSTL. xx

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  5. Happy Birthday, Suzanne. I love your attitude!!I turned 60 this past October…and surprisingly don’t feel any different than I did at any other point in my retirement. Although, I may be a bit more determined to keep up my physical exercise and eat well. Wishing you all good things ahead! #MLSTL

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  6. Happy Birthday, Suzanne! Beautiful post! I too was very insecure when I was younger. I’m also creeping up towards 60, but I must say, these are the happiest times in my life. Sounds like you have some very positive thoughts about aging as well.

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  7. Happy birthday Sue. Celebrate the achievement mate. I’ve way outlived my parents and view every birthday this way now. Its only the number that sits you back on your heels and makes you think ‘Wow, really?’ Besides, you’re only a day older than yesterday. 🙂

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    1. Thanks very much, Wendy, it still feels peculiar turning 60, just feels like I not long ago turned 50 😉 Yes you have indeed outlined your parents, and there would be many of your family and friends that are glad of that. Your cousin being one 🙂 Must catch up soon!!

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  8. Strangely, 60 was my least dreaded Big 0 birthday. Maybe because here you qualify for your bus pass, so that it felt like a badge of honour! Or maybe i’ve just accepted there’s no point worrying about getting older and, like you, I am certainly more comfortable in my own skin than I was at 20 or 30. Happy birthday!

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    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I too feel more comfortable as I age. No bus pass here until we reach 65 and we receive the pension. Sorry for the delay in replying Anabel, unfortunately quite a few comments went into my spam folder.


  9. Age is just a number! I don’t feel any different about things than I did when I was thirty, but sadly the joints have lost their suspension so I can’t jump any more and I do find that I am much grumpier about things. When I turned 60 it was just an excuse for a holiday to celebrate. When I turned 65 however and became entitled to a state pension I must confess that I did suddenly feel old. Doesn’t help that when I look into a mirror I see my mother!!

    Happy birthday Suzanne – have a great day and I wish you and the Squire all the best in the year ahead. Stay strong and positive xx

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    1. Thanks very much for the wishes and many apologies for the late acknowledgement. The damned system put quite a few comments into my spam folder, and I forgot to check until now. You made me laugh about looking in the mirror and seeing your Mother. No, I haven’t got to that stage yet. Little things start happening just to remind us that the years are catching up on us. Doing too much exercise is one as it takes longer to recover. Thanks too for the good wishes and we shall stay strong and positive, it will make our time more constructive X

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  10. Loved this post, which I’m sure resonates with loads of people, not just women.

    They say…you become more patient as you age and although I saw this in my parents, it’s not happening for me! I’m less patient than I ever was, I think…

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and maybe we can catch up for a vino or two to celebrate if you make it to the deep dark south of Italy this year – no pressure. 😉

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