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Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand

Summer’s here! 

Down in the depths of the Southern Hemisphere, that is.

Yes, I know not the most profound statement to be made on this blog.  Though we usually do sing out quite loudly even from rooftops most years when the month changes from December to January and then February.  As the temperatures on land start to rise in a fast upward motion.  The weather report is more reliable, and the sea is far more inviting and warm, with most of that nasty spring wind having died out.

Though don’t quote me on this, it is New Zealand after all.

So what’s it all about?

With summer here, comes the purchasing of seasonal treats, not usually enjoyed during winter or spring.  Ice-cream is what I am referring too.  Apart from this delectable licking blob on a cone, you will need a supply of more substantial, robust foods, if need be, you can fill your basket with healthy foods to fuel you as you set off to enjoy your time in the great outdoors.  Such as the beach, if there is no beach, of course, there will be a park or maybe your own backyard.

Ideally, picnic food should be tasty, filling enough to allow body surfing in the waves and beach cricket on the sand, or playing “tag” in the backyard.  Hopefully, food can be eaten without a plate or cutlery.

That ham croissant/sandwich or slice of the cake should stay in one piece when running?  Why?  There is always a gust of wind that accompanies a picnic and that evidently whisks an item off the blanket.  Especially Aunt Daisy’s hat.

It’s picnic season.  We all love picnics, don’t we?

French inspired picnic.jpg

If history is anything to go by.  Many of our cultures have enjoyed picnics for centuries.  The earliest ones in England were medieval hunting feasts of assorted baked meats, pickles and pastries consumed with passion before the hunt. Of course, it was no picnic for the deer that were savoured by the victorious hunters.

Throughout our years of travel, we had enjoyed picnics with many of them in the UK, mainly when the sun was shining, a heatwave in Italy to more reasonable winters in Spain.  It has even been known for us to have a few in a hotel room or two on wet and windy days.

A picnic is a celebration of sorts.

To celebrate food in the great outdoors.

From a loaf of daily bread to the occasional decadence.

A picnic is a go-to place for tasty eats, sweets, and treats.

Life is not meant for ten types of ho-hum food

Same-old, same-old or cream with everything.

Life is made for adventure and inspiration.

Moments of “WoW” and wonder.

Glimpses of genius

Life’s food is designed to be devoured

Bite by bite, of a chocolately taste.

Check out the following websites where you will find a few sweet and savoury picnic ideas to create and pack into the picnic hamper.  Then with said hamper set off in your car and head off to some inviting shady oasis.  If in New Zealand then having your picnic under a Pohutakawa tree by the sea would be idyllic on a hot summers day.

picnic under a tree

Child-friendly Picnic Food Ideas

Nadia Lim – How to throw the ultimate picnic

Annabel Langbein – Picnic in the Park

What food do you enjoy when indulging in a picnic?.

cake crumbs and beach sand

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54 thoughts on “Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand”

  1. Thanks Christie, I too loved the title 🙂 I am with you in that I have no idea why eating outside is more enticing. Perhaps over the year we tend to eat more inside so any excuse to do something different?
    We love having breakfast on the balcony.


  2. I’m not sure why eating outside is so much more of an event than eating indoors, but I do love a good picnic or even moving my meal out to the deck at home. I love the name of this post–Cake Crumbs and Beach Sand. Saying it makes me smile. #MLSTL

    Liked by 1 person

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