Life at No.22

Postcards from Italy

Who doesn’t enjoy Italy for its food, the wine, the long warm sultry nights during summer, the outside dining atmosphere, the history and the abundance of my favourite tree, the Olive?

Well, for us it is one country we have visited on more than one occasion, and we were to be heading there this year to housesit.  Unfortunately, we got sideswiped by a huge curveball.

We are bouncing back slowly and surely.

I wrote this up a while ago when me the blogger was still referred to as Globalhousesitterx2.  Now, I have a new name LifeatNo.22.

Back to glimpses of Italy.

Here are a few of our first visits back in 2006 and 2015 to this fascinating country that literally hugs you and wishes you to return.

I will be returning, I am just not sure when.


Casa Blanca

ItalyUntitled design (14)_edited

Bologna 2

Bologna words 2Untitled design (14)_edited


Verona wordsUntitled design (14)_edited

Vatican City 1

Vatican City 2Untitled design (14)_edited

Florence 1

Florence 2Untitled design (14)_edited

Though maybe not all days that we wished you were here.  One day, in particular, we were sure you would not want to be exploring with us.  That day we wanted a much sturdier umbrella than more company.


Untitled design (14)_edited


Postcards from Italy

28 thoughts on “Postcards from Italy”

  1. Such beautiful postcards from Italy, Suzanne, especially love the one with Ingrid Bergman and the one with St Peter’s in the back. Italy will patiently wait for your next visit. 😊

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  2. Beautifully done, Suz! I love receiving these postcards. The scenery is spectacular and the memories sweet, I’m sure. Italy has so much to offer and so many places to explore. I hope Mark and I will visit together one and do the country justice. Your shots are a good reminder to not wait too long. Fingers crossed that you”ll both be on your way across the point one day soon-ish as well. xxx

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    1. Oh thanks very much Liesbet. No, the Squire aka Les won’t be returning. Though I do hope to finish our travels for us both as I know no matter what I do he will always be with me. If I don’t then I get to hopefully see you and Mark do Italy justice X

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    1. Thanks Lisa, in 2006 I sent many as the years went on they reduced to zilch as many of the places we housesat there weren’t many touristy places to buy them. Plus the expense!!


  3. On a rainy morning in Cumbria, you’ve made a raging fire of my desire to visit Italy again. I don’t know when that will be, but i will certainly go again, as will the two of you, for sure.

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    1. Smiled at the chaos 🙂 We loved our second trip to Italy it was more relaxed and we spent a month looking around from our base in Bologna. Pleased to hear you will be returning too Janis. I have such fond memories of everywhere we went and especially the places we cared for animals and their homes.

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