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Reflections of Lines in Squares

Positive spin of my “spring clean” is being distracted.  In a good way.  Like finding and adapting photos that would be suitable for Becky [the Queen of Squares] who has challenged us bloggers to find lines. In Squares naturally. That is the only proper ‘rule’.

The grand spring clean has also seen me spending more than a few hours sorting out photographs.  Then there are my older blog posts that aren’t showing their original photos.  The lack of photos is due to being shifted from my original blog Globalhousesitterx2 to my current blog.  Not sure if I have succeeded in the sorting and replacement or just created more work for myself.

As promised here is my take on lines in squares.

Rainy Day Reflections

Amsterdam - girl on bike_edited

A small portion of the bigger picture.

Clock tower in the UK_edited

Puddles with reflections are rainy day delights.

Reflection in a puddle while drizzling in Northern UK_edited

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