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April Squares: That Little Red Cherry on TOP

When I first read Becky’s April Challenge, my first thought it wasn’t for me.  That thought didn’t last long.  By nature, I have a healthy competitive streak all the better for taking on something new.

My take on this challenge is focusing on a little red cherry on TOP of a cupcake.  It so happens to be sitting on TOP of a pier railing high above the sea.  The site for both is Saltburn-by-the-sea.  A delightful area on the Yorkshire Coastline.

Eat me yarnbombing cupcake UK

On our visit, we had glorious sunshine and a sea breeze that softly brushed past us as we walked the long pier at the same time admiring the yarnbombing, which is a yearly event.  I wrote about more of this and more via North Yorkshire revisited

Are you up to the challenge?  Can you think of something “on top”?

If so, have a go, just follow the Squares Image to the right of this page or the below link to find out more.

Beckys Photo Challenge Squares_edited
Linked to Becky’s #SquareTops



32 thoughts on “April Squares: That Little Red Cherry on TOP”

  1. So sweet, Suzanne! I love your project! I am new to knitting, so everything is a work in progress. Then crocheting makes me go cross-eyed, so I have such admiration for those who can pull it off. My crocheting has been limited to small roses that cover the holes in my knitting – haha! You are truly an artiste! Lovely work! Michelle ❤


    1. It is fun, Terri. Uses up a bit of my time going through older photos and trying to create some sort of order. May take longer than I thought or it may never happen!
      Yes, I am also not a knitter, used to years ago. The yarnbombers are very creative and certainly make a few of us smile.

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    1. Apologies Anabel, I missed your comment for some reason. They are very creative knitters, and I think it’s a fun way to socialise and at the same time promote more visitors to your local area. A great idea.

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    1. I am the same. The little cupcake was fun as was the cup of tea from Bettys. With a reduction on our movements food seems to be on our minds more frequently. Lucky for me I can burn most of it off at the local athletic field which is in my neighbourhood. Are you still enjoying your walks?


  2. Looks like another fun challenge, especially when locked-down at home. I’ve never joined any of Becky’s photo challenges, but would if I had the time, electricity, and energy. I follow a few bloggers who do post photos for the challenge and their – as well as your – creations are fun to look at. 🙂

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      1. Thanks, Suzanne. I love this shot! If I didn’t have a walk to write for tomorrow, not to mention Squares, I might be tempted to rush off to my archives. So many memories! Cup a tea, ‘n a cake 🙂 🙂 (coffee, but tea always sounds better)

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