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April Squares: That Little Red Cherry on TOP

When I first read Becky’s April Challenge, my first thought it wasn’t for me.  That thought didn’t last long.  By nature, I have a healthy competitive streak all the better for taking on something new.

My take on this challenge is focusing on a little red cherry on TOP of a cupcake.  It so happens to be sitting on TOP of a pier railing high above the sea.  The site for both is Saltburn-by-the-sea.  A delightful area on the Yorkshire Coastline.

Eat me yarnbombing cupcake UK

On our visit, we had glorious sunshine and a sea breeze that softly brushed past us as we walked the long pier at the same time admiring the yarnbombing, which is a yearly event.  I wrote about more of this and more via North Yorkshire revisited

Are you up to the challenge?  Can you think of something “on top”?

If so, have a go, just follow the Squares Image to the right of this page or the below link to find out more.

Beckys Photo Challenge Squares_edited
Linked to Becky’s #SquareTops



33 thoughts on “April Squares: That Little Red Cherry on TOP”

  1. So sweet, Suzanne! I love your project! I am new to knitting, so everything is a work in progress. Then crocheting makes me go cross-eyed, so I have such admiration for those who can pull it off. My crocheting has been limited to small roses that cover the holes in my knitting – haha! You are truly an artiste! Lovely work! Michelle ❤


    1. It is fun, Terri. Uses up a bit of my time going through older photos and trying to create some sort of order. May take longer than I thought or it may never happen!
      Yes, I am also not a knitter, used to years ago. The yarnbombers are very creative and certainly make a few of us smile.

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    1. Apologies Anabel, I missed your comment for some reason. They are very creative knitters, and I think it’s a fun way to socialise and at the same time promote more visitors to your local area. A great idea.

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    1. I am the same. The little cupcake was fun as was the cup of tea from Bettys. With a reduction on our movements food seems to be on our minds more frequently. Lucky for me I can burn most of it off at the local athletic field which is in my neighbourhood. Are you still enjoying your walks?


  2. Fantastic – an actual cherry on top in a square. I love it, and am so happy you have joined us for #SquareTops. I was hoping you would after joining us in January for light.

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  3. Looks like another fun challenge, especially when locked-down at home. I’ve never joined any of Becky’s photo challenges, but would if I had the time, electricity, and energy. I follow a few bloggers who do post photos for the challenge and their – as well as your – creations are fun to look at. 🙂

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  4. Saltburn-by-the-sea is famous for its yarn bombing, I think Restless Jo has posted about it several times. Amazing what these knitters can come up with and I love the cherry on top!

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      1. Thanks, Suzanne. I love this shot! If I didn’t have a walk to write for tomorrow, not to mention Squares, I might be tempted to rush off to my archives. So many memories! Cup a tea, ‘n a cake 🙂 🙂 (coffee, but tea always sounds better)

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