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April Squares: On TOP of Shakespear

An Auckland Regional Park.

During our years of motorhoming, we have had the opportunity to stop the engine, pull out our chairs, and relax in some of the most scenic areas of New Zealand.  Indulging in views second to none.

Shakespear Regional Park was one of those.

Shakesphere Regional Park - top of hill - lamb-small

At the tip of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, the park has sheltered bays, wetlands, regenerating native forest, cliffs, and historical places [see below].  Native Bush surrounds farmland.  With hills that were beckoning me to ascend for a superior outlook to the open bird sanctuary which is situated in various parts of the park.  Last but not least is the tranquil views of the pacific ocean.

Hard to believe that this beautiful sanctuary is approximately 1 hour from the busyness of Auckland city.

To read more – click on the link.  Auckland Regional Council – Shakespear

Shakespear Regional Park, Whangaparoa

Are you up to the challenge? Can you think of something “on top”?

If so, have a go.  Just follow the Squares Image to the right of this page to find out more or click on the link below.

Becky’s Photography Challenge – On Top

39 thoughts on “April Squares: On TOP of Shakespear”

  1. Ah. I lived near there as a child. At Siesta Terrace just after Gulf Harbour. Beautiful landscapes. I think that’s why I love it here in the Bay of Islands so much. From those childhood memories and visiting that park often. I am sure it is very populated with housing now. I must take my family for a drive there sometime. Thanks for re-igniting the memory bank. x

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    1. You are welcome, and it’s fun reliving good childhood memories. Yes, it is much more populated on the Gulf Harbour though it has been a few years since we visited. The Bay of Islands is a beautiful scenic area of NZ and we enjoyed our time exploring the region. Time to head back sometime in the future.

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  2. The header photo is pure New Zealand. Lovely images Suzanne. And it seems like your country has beaten the virus! Let’s hope it remains that way and life can get back to some form of normality. Though what that actually means is anybody’s guess.

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    1. It is a quintessential NZ photo, and those lambs and their Mum weren’t playing fairly with me that day. Not quite sure if we have beaten the virus or if it will disappear totally as we eventually have to open our borders. Time will tell. Sad to see how much it’s affected people around the world.
      By all accounts it seems to be a tricky one to develop a vaccine to kill it.

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    1. Awesome isn’t it, though not all pastures are this green in many parts of New Zealand. We are having long drought conditions with major water shortages. The green pastures in spring and winter are beautiful.

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  3. I remember our brief stop in Shakespear (don’t let autocorrect interfere with the spelling) on a rainy day. We were visiting with our boating friend Lisa Dorenfest and she took a photo of both of us through a big frame placed in the park. I wonder whether it is open these days…

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    1. Isn’t that auto correct annoying, for that reason I turned it off. Yes, the frames are still there, Liesbet. There are situated in most of the parks if my memory serves me correctly. The parks are a wonderful asset to Auckland and visitors alike. Not many places in the world has places like this so close to a major city.

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  4. Lovely. There’s something about being on top of a hill even in a town. At the top of my run I can look down between the houses and the tops of ships in the docks. It’s not remotely beautiful, but it’s fun to be able to look down. Also, I suppose, there’s an element of pride in having run up the hill πŸ™‚

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    1. Well done April for the hill run. You really are getting into aren’t you! Most of the time I am training and I’m not even aware of my surroundings as in I’m listening to music and daydreaming. Though still aware of traffic and uneven surfaces! Keep up the training and hopefully you might be able to enter a half marathon or at least a 10km.

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      1. I run 10k three times a week, so that’s easy enough. Just before all of this I’d got to 12 miles, so I was more or less ready for a very slow half marathon. I’m going to have to build up to it again when I’m allowed out properly.

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    1. You are more than welcome Becky, I do enjoy the challenge of finding photos and putting a few words together. With more time on my hands, I’m enjoying sorting out photos and creating more blog posts. Plus, I do appreciate the time and energy you put into us all participating in your photography challenges. Thanks Becky πŸ™‚

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      1. I am definitely seeing more blogging time as one of the silver linings of the lockdown, although must admit these past few days I don’t where the time has gone. The days seem shorter somehow!

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    1. Yes, what’s not to love about lambs. Many children who are brought up in rural areas had a pet lamb which usually landed up being the most annoying one in the flock.


    1. Hi Donna, well maybe not so much as years ago. I usually cheat and lean against Les or put my camera on something. I enjoy capturing scenes especially nature ones. Thanks for your kind words.


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