Abandoned to Recycled Art

As Becky’s having a break from her Square Challenges for a while I was motivated by her last post where she participated in Cee’s Photography Challenge.

Cee has asked participants to showcase something that is decaying or rusty, old or broken or simply broken.ย  Feel free to take new photos or dig through your archives.ย  The main object of this challenge is to have fun.

I become quite animated when I stumble across the odd tractor or various other vehicles that have passed their use-by date.ย  Even more, was my enthusiasm when these objects became Art in one form or another.

New Zealand

A work of art - Waiuku farm_edited

Beja, Portugal

Monkey on the wall_edited

Cee’s Black & White Photography Challenge – Decayed or Rusty

32 thoughts on “Abandoned to Recycled Art”

  1. These are fantastic examples, Suz! People can be so creative and Iโ€™ve always been a fan of reusing or repurposing materials. I hate waste and garbage. If I were to post on this topic, old, rusty cars left in the Californian desert come to mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It’s secure. Not sure who built it as I don’t recall any signature. Will have to google it. There’s a panda one we saw that’s very similar with tyre eyes but I can’t remember where it was, Porto?


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