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Gardening – Peas

A shortish post to say “Hello/Kia Ora” and to let you all know that life for us at the moment has got a bit hectic with family needing our time and support. So, I am not quite sure when I will have an abundance of spare time for blogging on a regular basis. Though what I am hoping for is an oversupply of a snappy green oblong vegetable in the next few months.

So, let’s chat about peas.

Some folk say peas shouldn’t be underestimated.

They can keep princesses awake at night, fix nitrogen in the soil and have such high status in the vege-eating world that the first colour advertisement ever broadcast in the UK (during an episode of Thunderbirds) was for frozen Birds Eye peas in 1969. But while frozen peas are cheap and tasty, ripping open a plastic bag is nothing compared to the joy of splitting the seams of fresh, grassy-smelling pods to shell straight into a colander (or your mouth).

For the above and more is the reason why peas are now growing in our small patch of dirt.

My favourite pea, whose purpose is to simply supply our senses with aroma and colour plus nectar for our precious bees, is the sweetpea.

18 thoughts on “Gardening – Peas”

  1. I had no idea about the existence of the sweet pea flower! Sweet pea is the endearing name Mark uses for our Maya. I love peas, but we never buy them – no freezer in the van and I haven’t seen them fresh in the produce section. I hope everything will work our with the family issues…

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  2. I love sweet peas and also garden peas. As a child I was on pea podding duty every Sunday and my mother used to buy extra pods as I would eat one from each pod. I loved them raw, not so much cooked, but yes easily mashed into potatoes 😊 Hope your family troubles are swiftly and happily sorted.

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  3. Early memory at the age of 3, of sitting down, hidden in my father’s vegetable patch, pulling the pods, shelling then eating the peas. Unfortunately I didn’t have the guile to bury the evidence! Now grow them myself and still adore them straight from the pod and yes this year, I put up a frame amongst the veg for sweet peas to climb up too.

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    1. Memory age 3 shelling peas from the market with my mum in the kitchen. Not quite as elicit but funny how it’s a first memory!

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  4. For some reason, cooked peas have never appealed to me. They were a childhood “yuck” that has continued to my adulthood. Now, sweetpeas are completely different… so pretty and fragrant!

    I hope your life gets less hectic for you soon. But, taking care of your family – and yourself – is the most important thing to focus on.

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    1. So, you didn’t squash them peas and then mixed them into your mashed potatoes or get them dished up to you for breakfast? Many a child from our generation had peas served for breakfast. Never had a dislike of vegetables or other types of food which meant I had “normal” breakfast food. Yes, looking after ourselves and family is a priority though I try to get time to spend with friends as that’s important too.

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