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What’s being happening? – November/December 2020

These past couple of months have been reflective of what 2020 delivered.

Full of surprises, with many leaving me quite speechless. I experienced seeing the best and worst of human nature due to stress and change. I gained information on subjects I did not desire to know about, though it could be helpful in years to come if I lived that long. Which could be a blessing or not.

On certain days to counteract the ill effects of stress, I walked, cycled, spent time gardening, chatted with folk and indulged in the art of eating cake. The choice was quite varied; some included vegetables, which meant I had a balanced diet, and each piece of cake was washed down with an espresso. My new motto is to Eat More Cake and damn with the calories; life is far too short not to be indulgent. I won’t bore you with the challenges because everyone has them to some degree—all loaded with excellent and unpleasant stories to tell.

Even amongst all the goings-on, we enjoyed wandering around some spectacular gardens via Tauranga’s Garden and Art Festival, a breath of fresh air and whiffs of blossom delight. There is something special in relishing others’ hard toil in their unique piece of paradise, a flower or vegetable garden.

As one garden owner mentioned, the biggest compliment a visitor can give is to take a seat, relax and enjoy just being “still with nature”. Next time you happen to pass a garden seat, remember the following words.

As you are walking

Please feel free

To take some time and sit on me.

Enjoy the garden view

The birds

The breeze

The tranquil peace

Then there was the Festive Season.

Thanks to the family member who shared this photo with me; I thought it captured the festive season well. To see more of this lovely trio, head on to their Instagram account –

With the end of 2020 in view, I would like to say a big hearty thanks to you all for your support during 2020 and for just being you. Here’s to gripping on tight and heading into 2021 with gusto and, of course, more cake.

44 thoughts on “What’s being happening? – November/December 2020”

  1. Happy New Year Suzanne, and I hope this one turns out a bit better. I lost track of your blog once Sue and Leanne stopped their link up but here I am again, following more wordpress blogs and yours is one. I am in a head and neck cancer facebook group from NZ and am aware of the various and different ways your country managed (very well indeed) COVID. Being here in Australia it’s been a bit mixed as we are states as well as one country. Sigh! My treats of a coffee and some cake or similar are what got me through head and neck cancer over 3 years and now COVID. It should be prescribed! Take care, Denyse.
    I still have a Monday link up if you are ever wanting to share a post too.

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  2. It has been an interesting? Year Suzanne and I hope the coming year is calmer and less stressful. Indulging in cake and taking time to just sit and absorb the beauty of nature is a great way to de stress. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2021

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  3. I love cake, but we rarely ever have it. Store-bought ones are full of crap and we don’t have an oven in the van. But, over the holidays, I might just splurge (and then regret it afterwards as my stomach protests)! Have a fantastic 2021, you two! May there be many moments to sit, relax, and enjoy your surroundings.

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    1. Here’s to you finding a cake full of goodness, Liesbet. Luckily for my waistline indulging in cake is not a daily occurrence. Hope you and Mark have a fun filled 2021, look forward to reading more of your adventures.

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  4. Good to see you and hear how you’re faring these days. The garden shots are really amazing!

    I understand you have some challenges ahead and certainly they can’t be worse for a little cake consumption along the way.😉

    I’ll raise my slice of pie in a toast to you for the new year.

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    1. Thanks Eilene and what a lovely thought regarding raising a toast with a slice of pie. I will remember to do just that on Thursday night. Here’s to wishing you all the very best for 2021.

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  5. Nilla, I am sure you are working that cake off 🙂 Hope life is still going well in Queensland and I too wish you both all the best for 2021 and look forward to reading more travel posts on your blog.


    1. I’m a tough cookie, Anabel and I can roll with the punches with the best of them 😉 Lately, it has just been a normal part of life and next year will be more challenging regarding the Squire’s health. All the best to you both for 2021 and love reading more about Scotland via your experiences.

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    1. You’re welcome Janis and thank you for connecting with me and my blog. Yes, we are lucky to live in New Zealand, visually a beautiful country though we aren’t anywhere near perfect! Thanks for the virtual hugs which I much appreciate. Wishing you both all the best for 2021 and look forward to reading more from you.

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  6. Cake sounds good to me and gardens (or my hill) are always my ‘go to’ place to restore my balance. I can sit on a bench/rock and absorb the surroundings at any time. Mindfulness is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. I wish you and the Squire all the best for the future.

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    1. You do live in a beautiful part of the UK and one we have enjoyed staying in as I have mentioned to you numerous times 🙂 Jude, look forward to reading more from you and wishing you and yours all the best for 2021.

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  7. Life is definitely too short not to be indulgent. Bring on the cake! And what absolutely beautiful gardens, they couldn’t fail to lift the spirits. Wishing you all good things for 2021.

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  8. You know I’m not going to argue with cake, Suzanne, even though it’s featured a lot less on the blog lately. Others do it better. My skill lies just in the eating 🙂 🙂
    A garden like that gives such a pure rush of joy, and I hope you can enjoy many more such moments. Wishing you strength, love and kindness in 2021.

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    1. Jo, the delectable Portuguese tasty morsels could never be forgotten 🙂 Even better when paired with a walk. I am not a consistent baker, and much prefer to try other’s people’s creations. Gardens and the beach are my favourite go-to places. Thanks for your thoughts and wishing you and your family all the best for 2021


    1. Lyn, you’re right it has been a tough year for many let alone throwing other life events into the equation! Sending you blessings for 2021 and look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

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  9. I’m definitely with you Suz, eat more cake!!! It’s been one of those years and I too send you and the Squire hugs. Thinking of you as we move, with some trepidation, into 2021 🙂

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    1. Hiya Deb, sending you a hug and thoughts too. You and your family have certainly had your share of life’s challenges, so I hope that 2021 brings you less emotional one and more cycling adventures. Take care.

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  10. Excellent motto and very similar to mine — “when the going g gets tough, the tough bake cookies (or cake)”.

    I’m sorry to hear life has been so challenging. I want to wish everything will get better, but will instead offer the words of the serenity prayer (I’m not religious, but the church doesn’t have a monopoly on wisdom)

    God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can,
    and wisdom to know the difference

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    1. Su, there is something calming about being creative in whatever form it takes. Food has always been a tradition for bringing people together and a nurturing thing to do. Yes, that is a good saying and one I also believe in. Life is a bit calmer now though I know that the road ahead isn’t going to be easy. Builds character so they say!

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