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Looking Back to Looking Up

Becky’s returned with her #SquareUp Photography Challenge and the subject is looking up. My take of UP is to look back at photos taken a few seasons ago and peer up to see what’s clinging to those bare branches. Sometimes there doesn’t appear to be anything up there, until you look closer.

Like many people, I wouldn’t say I like spiders. Especially those species that move what seems to be quicker than lightning. On a more positive note, I appreciate the spiders’ architectural input in creating unique habitats in our natural world. We, humans, are indeed very fortunate to be able to enjoy their artistry throughout the year.

Focusing on Autumn and Winter and looking up into the bare branches to capture how busy those creepy crawlers can be if kept alive.

Feel like being creative?

Then head over to view Becky’s and others perspective on looking UP.

45 thoughts on “Looking Back to Looking Up”

  1. Cool photos. Love looking up through trees!
    I’m a little strange as in I sued to collect Red Back Spiders and their eggs in a jar when I was in primary school – to the horror of the rest of the family. Loved to observe their interaction – weird?

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  2. Magical Suzanne. I don’t mind spiders – at a distance and they like our place, all those cracks in the logs make perfect hiding places. But cockroaches are a different kettle of fish and the only bugs along with wasps that get the jandal treatment in our house.
    Hope you’re both well xx

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  3. When I look at the photos on my phone, I have a lot of “looking up” ones. Often, I think, I was drawn to the contrast of whatever the subject matter was to the blue sky above. One positive thing – of many – that photography has taught me is the importance of observing my surroundings. That spider web is exquisite and the tree’s architecture is stunning. Isn’t nature amazing?

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    1. Good point Janis regarding being more observative. I also found that when traveling that observation skills needed more attention. Funnily enough taking photos took my attention away from what was happening around me. At home I’ve certainly become more aware of things I took for granted. Nature is amazing and is really the only consistent thing in our now unpredictable world.


    1. I can see you doing that. With the double glazing I wonder if the spider was aware of you? We had a large grapefruit tree and large wekas were fascinating as a teenager. No
      childhood memories of spiders just cockroaches in Nana’s outdoor toilet πŸ™„

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  4. I love the bare limbs of a tree in winter, they are so interesting. As is the web. Not so keen on spiders myself, but at least ours and yours aren’t of the poisonous kind! And that tree looks awfully brown to me 😁

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    1. Definitely in agreement about bare limbs of trees. Far more interesting and it appeals to my love of non clutter! The tree is now linked though I will do a brown themed post soon 😊


  5. oh that first one, the bark is amazing. And lovely your web too – we have just noticed that we have no webs around our patio this year. The blue tits and wren have eaten all the spiders!!

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    1. I love trees and I have literally hundreds of photos of trees! Yes, we have small birds darting in and out around our balcony for insects. In our case they haven’t eliminated the spider’s. Most people we housesat for in the UK were bird lovers so it was a pleasure to watch them at the purpose built feeders.


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