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What’s been Happening? March 2021

A bit late in publishing this post for various reasons. I am sure all of you know how it is when life gets in the way of having a clear mind and jumping around happily like a positive bunny. Without further ado let’s jump into March which hails the beginning of Autumn, which happens to be my favourite season. Nature adorned with colours that I love and temperatures more appealing.

Some days life can deal a shitty hand and then there are beach walks at low tide and a sunrise. Creating good vibes to push us over the usual bumps in our daily lives. It is a favourite go-to place to just be or talk about more profound things like choosing where to go for a bite to eat and coffee. When energy is at a premier low, then we by-pass the walk and go straight to the treat.

Hey, life is far too short not too. Here are a few of my March highlights.

Frocks on Bikes

Posing in a row as you do

Great to be in mass with other like-minded women, no blokes on bikes this month. Though when we stopped beside a group of chestnut trees for more than one reason, there was a gentleman busy collecting the fallen nuts.

After exchanging pleasantries, someone then asked who wasn’t quite sure, are you with us? No dear, and I wouldn’t be seen dead on an electric bike he declared was one stop away from riding a mobility scooter.

Pf-ft, we thundered.

You go and try one, and you won’t go back to an ordinary bike, one of the girls replied. He was a remarkable male as he seemed very agile, getting onto his cycle with one artificial leg. We all parted, heading in opposite directions with opposing thoughts on electric bikes. Though for sure, we girls laughed as we cycled and chatted along the gravel path and confident that he will change his mind given half a chance. Thirty kms later, we had finished. Then, coffee and a sweet to replenish our energy reserves, and my backside reminded me that was one hell of a ride for a Sunday.

A Place further afield

Heading towards Omokorua and the new housing estate in sight.

At long last, a friend and I managed to cycle over to Omokorua. Us being wise and all, we decided to wait until Autumn appeared to complete the 40 km cycle ride. With an unseasonal drop in temperature the weather gods granted our wish. Luckily, it wasn’t an issue, and we both enjoyed the ride which is very picturesque and worth the effort to do if you have the chance.

A Volunteer once more

This month I decided it would be good to participate in an activity that I once enjoyed, so I did. Once a week, I tootle off to the shop as do many others so we can all achieve the necessary funds to keep the Waipuna Hospice service going in our community. In my opinion, time well spent and an organisation that I will always support in one way or another.

Random posing in front of Street Art – Taupo

Joining in rather late with Su over at Zimmerbitch – The Changing Seasons

21 thoughts on “What’s been Happening? March 2021”

        1. The trips were in 2019. Yes, I do feel “lucky” not to be working. Les’s health isn’t improving more on that soon. Hope you have some fun in between the chain gang daily grind.

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  1. Gorgeous sunrise shot, Suzanne. We are just starting our cycling season here. Your rides are quite scenic! I’ve only used an e-bike when we were in Croatia, but thought it was wonderful! My husband is considering getting one for road riding, because he struggles to keep up with others. Why the heck not?

    Enjoy your autumn weather!

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  2. That is one spectacular sunrise and reflection. You seem to have enjoyed your bike rides and found the perfect weather for them. I’m too scared to even try to ride a bike now, especially on our narrow lanes. Glad to see you and Les looking good!

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    1. Thanks Jude and it was a good morning for Les. It must appear that’s all I do is cycle around each month, well there’s other activities πŸ˜‰ I had better include something different for April! I wouldn’t cycle around those narrow lanes either as the local drivers are fast and nifty around the corners.

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  3. Great to read your update Suz, I’ve been thinking of you! I really do wish we lived closer so we could go on a ride together, maybe I should start a Frocks on Bikes here, although we have a great group who regularly ride on Social Saturday rides. That bloke doesn’t know what he’s missing! Lovely images too by the way, and good on you for volunteering at the hospice, a lovely endeavour.

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    1. Thanks, Deb, that’s very kind of you and it would be fun to do some cycle trails with you. There are a few wonderful women who I wish lived closer to me. Oh well, one day I do hope to do some trails further afield.

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