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Buzzing Bright in Pink

Pretty pink and bright during a sunny summer’s day saw me stalking a bee in a cottage garden.

These are not recent photographs as our current days aren’t as bright nor pinky, more likely to be cloudy, and orange dominates outdoors though I still prefer autumn over spring. I will never regret spending hours stalking bumblebees in a garden; who would when they reignite fun memories. Those memories are of a stroll around a lovely cottage garden that I enjoyed with the Squire way back when we were housesitters; the sun shone brightly and warm enough for these gorgeous creatures to go about their business.

As it is all about the pink foxglove, myself and foxgloves go way back to when I was flying solo and had my very own house where I created huge gardens full of cottage garden delights.

The purchases were pretty much dependent on the spare change I had in my purse. Local markets were my favourite place to search for bargains or so I thought, spending a whopping $1 on just one foxglove. Having thought it must be an exotic plant. Being a novice gardener, I didn’t realise they spread like wildfire, and the actual value would’ve been 10 cents. That foxglove was handled with great care and produced seedlings and various shades of pink throughout the summer.

A dollar well spent, I thought.

Combining pink with bright and contributing to two photography challenges

Head over to visit Jude at Life In Colour she’s a lovely Cornish lass with a good eye for photography.

Becky, another English lass is all about Bright Squares during April.

25 thoughts on “Buzzing Bright in Pink”

    1. Funny isn’t how various plants do well in one garden and not in others. Foxgloves are weeds over here and can be found along the countryside roads and paddocks in the North Island.

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  1. welcome back to squares, so lovely to have you back – and what glorious photography you have shared with us today. Like you and Jude I have been known to stalk bees, and where better than in fabulous foxgloves.

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    1. Cheers, Becky and I will try to be more active, and life is becoming more unpredictable for us, though I will share more about that later. Hopefully, you’re enjoying a bit more freedom and warmer spring days.

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  2. Agree with Jo. Once you have foxgloves in the garden you are never without, though mine tend to be the natural purple/pink ones. And I also love stalking bees. Lupins are good for that too.

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