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Just One Person from Around the World – London

Places we loved to immerse ourselves were at various local markets. Oh the stories attached when frequenting those markets would keep a writer going for their entire life. The sounds, the smells, the roar of a stall holder, the anticipation of a bargain and the markets unique atmosphere are all combined within moments of setting foot into the markets domain.

One particular day back in October 2016, Portobello Market still held all the same allure, though this day there was someone who made this particular visit a special one. We caught a quick glimpse of a woman, looking rather regal, who surely could not be the Queen?

We looked at each other for confirmation.

Of course, it isn’t her.

The woman with the turquoise jacket was here, we believe to celebrate the 150 years history of this market. A bit of a good sport to help out even though she is a year late.

She was a woman of few words and a hint of a wicked sense of humour through that twinkle in her eye when she shared her contagious laugh.  It was a royal meeting we weren’t going to forget in a hurry.

I know there are two, one is new the other not.

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