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Keeping up the Good Fight #1

While the Squire is focusing on that bright light at the end of his proverbial chemotherapy tunnel and further afield, I am supporting him from a kilometre down the road, mind you not by choice it’s due to Auckland being in lockdown. Unless I am out walking. Then I get to stalk him at his temporary abode – Motutapu Ward in Auckland Hospital.

Today’s stalking viewpoint is from the Domain which is a huge park and where a significant Museum is situated. Wandering around here creates a calming effect for me, though being a public space I seem to find an area to find solitude and space just to be. A respite from negative thoughts and the four walls of where I am staying. A quick nature hit for this nature lover. It lifts my spirits no end.

A few Domain Park facts

It wasn’t a sunny day in fact a typical drizzly spring day though I needed the fresh air and exercise.

The domain is the oldest park in Auckland and has over 75 hectares of land with a variety of attractions to distract, such as outdoor art, culture and of course nature itself. There are a number of different gardens located in the park including the Wintergardens and the Formal Gardens, a display from the 1860s with exotic trees, birds and trout. The duck ponds, had the first piped water supply in Auckland back in 1866 and the Band Rotunda standing there since 1912. The most recognisable building in which the Domain Park is built around is the Auckland War Memorial Museum which sits at the highest point on a volcanic rim. I am spoiled for choices of parks in Auckland. This park is by far my first choice, as I feel closer to the Squire by being there. It is also a place where we gravitated to after his specialist appointments and even managed an enjoyable lunch outdoors during winter.

Here are things that caught my attention during the first few days of spring.

The Entrance to Pukekawa / Auckland Domain. To the left, is not a fancy new hospital building it’s the very expensive to use carpark.
That grand building is The Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira, one of New Zealand’s most important museums and war memorials.
The Band Rotunda standing there since 1912 – the light was good that afternoon.

33 thoughts on “Keeping up the Good Fight #1”

  1. It’s so tough that you can’t be together at all at this time, even though understandable. I hope the operation on Friday goes well. I can see how such a beautiful park can provide some peace and solace.

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    1. It has been very tough, not physically being there with Les. We are pointing in the right direction for a good result. Just taking one day at a time. We have got a large group of family and friends who are supporting us from a distance which boosts our moral and to keep Les fighting the big C.


  2. A place I have actually been to! Well the glasshouses at least. I can see why you would want to walk here. Your photos are so lovely especially the last one – HDR? Fingers crossed for the treatment, hoping all goes well on Friday and I can imagine how hard it is for you not to be able to visit.

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    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for thinking of us, more the merrier 🙂 The trees around the park are beautiful and the stories they could tell would be interesting. I still haven’t focussed on that information you sent me. One day. Thinking of you too xx

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  3. I remember the Park! We (son and me) visited on our first day in NZ when still spinning with jetlag. I recall a fashion display in the museum and sitting in the park eating a cardamom pastry! Hope you grab a few sweet things while you chew your nails.

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      1. Yes the parks here were just like that for a long long time and everyone was careful about being near others.

        Now that the majority are vaccinated the parks have opened up again.

        Many of us still wear masks and keep our distance even though it’s no longer a legal requirement. I still refuse to meet other in larger groups.

        I hope your lockdown ends soon.

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  4. The first photo is so beautiful, Suzanne. No wonder the park lifts your spirits. It’s the same here with hospital car parking charges…
    Sending all best wish to you and the Squire.

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  5. Hi Sue,
    I’ve been following your posts just not great at responding ☹. Why haven’t i got your phone number? I do get to Tauranga occasionally, though of course you aren’t there just now. I hope you’ve got someone in your bubble while in Auckland – tough to be on your own while going through this. I hope Les improves… when is the transplant, do you know? I’m assuming that you are in contact by phone when you’re waving? It must look funny lol… Kia kaha Sue, say Hi to Les xx

    Sent from Mail for Windows

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    1. Hi Chris, good to hear from you. Unfortunately, I’m here by myself. Just waiting to be with Les, which is hard, an understatement. Yes, we video call 🙂 He’s just had a massive dose of chemotherapy and the actual transplant is on this Friday.
      We can get in contact once we get back to Tauranga. Thanks for thinking of us xx


  6. What else can we do when navigating difficult times? Nature, solitude, stalking…🙂 I’m having to do a bit myself as my husband is out of reach in rehab. What a lovely park. Since we live in the rural Rocky Mountains, formal gardens and museums are in short supply. Thanks for sharing yours!

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    1. Eilene, it’s certainly not easy unable to visit partners when they’re going through medical issues. Though I am enjoying finding good stalking positions to wave. Believe me I have had some stares when I wave at the hospital 🙂

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    1. Thanks very much, Deb. Yes, why do companies feel the need to exploit already stressed people with over the top parking fees. Even the overworked nurses have to pay, terrible situation. Luckily, at the moment I don’t need to use our car as I am walking everywhere. Will be a different story when Les comes out of hospital as he will be very weak and unable to walk far. x

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    1. Thanks very much, Janis, for your lovely comment. Some days I haven’t felt so strong at all. Bit like a roller coaster ride without an ending. Taking photos is a good distraction while out walking. As they say you can’t think of two things at the same time!


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