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Never say never, Grasshopper.

Do you ever feel like you’re in Episode 10, Season 5 of your life and the writers are just doing crazy outrageous, mostly unwanted stuff just to keep your life interesting?

Some days, Life at No22 is still feeling just like that.  Weirdly and annoying so.  A while ago, I mentioned a F*ckIT Bucket List.  Don’t remember?  Well, you will just have to trust me; I did way back in 2019.

It’s my new Bucket List.

The usual Bucket List is a list of all the things you would like to do before you die.  Bucket list items can be places you would like to visit, goals you would like to reach and never forgetting those delectable and desirable dreams.

I have always believed that writing things down is essential.  It helps to keep us motivated, sharpens our focus, and reminds us to take that necessary step to actually turn that good stuff of our dreams into our reality.

So, do I have a bucket list?  Yep, I certainly do.  More fun is having that necessary F*ckit List alongside that Bucket list.  It’s my mental list, and I add to it.  The F*ckIT List is my list of things I decide to no longer give a damn about.  It takes the pressure off and keeps life more enjoyable and straightforward.

A “To-Never-Do” List.

This listing is not a negative, just a selection of “stuff” to put aside and spend less energy on when energy needs to be directed on more desirables in my life.  When I add things to my F*ckIT List, I free myself from the mental burden of knowing they’re still undone or unresolved.

My F*ckIT List

Training for a half marathon – remember I mentioned – never say never

Around and around the estuary we go, pounding that ground as fast as possible.

It’s now an excellent time to ignore that my knees literally hugged me when that ambition went on the list. They, my knees, kindly reminded me that I have achieved 10 half marathons and one triathlon during my fifties. I ignored them, the knees because as of this month, it is now off my f*ckit list and now on my “fun-to-do list”- because I am over 60 sort of list. This September, with a friend, we will be completing the Tauranga Marathon under the half marathon section. Bring it on, we say.

Sticking to a rigid time and place for exercising

I now once again have my mojo back to walking with a goal in mind, so this one goes back on the fun-list bucketlist. The challenges and pressures to keep going fast are on again and there’s now a reason to be full of pure joy for being sweaty and red-faced it’s to get me over the finish line. I’m enjoying upping my fitness and welcoming more endorphins into my life and perhaps more chocolate. Let’s head to that next heading regarding calories.

Count Calories

My mantra now is “Energy In and Energy Out”.  More exercise and a tad less food? Will-power is weaker when one is tired from all that exercise. I remember as I try to put this list together after completing 13kms.

Tolerance of negative and unmotivated people.

NOW, this is a big one.  I no longer want to tolerate those who choose to stay on that detrimental treadmill with no motivation to change.  Whether that be an unhealthy lifestyle or life in general.  You have a choice; many do not.  Deal with your shit, and don’t pass it on.  It’s not welcome in our lives.

Stop Apologising

Sort of goes nicely with the above, like strawberries and cream.

Learn a new language.

Who was I kidding, never going to happen; some would say I am a verbally challenged person in real life.  Tried, failed and had a laugh.  Lived in communities where English was rarely spoken, we survived, and my sign language went up a scale or two.

Go faster and more downhill on my bike

Turkish Style

Well, that was taken with not one ounce of seriousness.  I still love biking at a granny’s speed.  Scare me by whizzing past, and you are more than likely to receive a finger salute most politely, of course.

Taking myself too seriously.

Like taking a tumble off a bike, getting back on and smiling while remembering everyone takes a fall and makes a mistake.

Eat less chocolate

Talking of mistakes, this one only lasted a week on the list.  Thankfully the period of self-torture was short.  The “pleasure on the lips and not caring about the hips” was reinstated on the fun list.  My life’s aim is to pursue various morsels of dark chocolate that have been created. I may even get lucky and receive some via a romantic gesture from the Squire.

Jumping out of an aeroplane. 

I was feeling courageous that day I wrote it on my pleasure list.  Then I remembered. Heights and huge drops. Caveat: unless the plane is in freefall, I may consider my alternatives.

Many more items have been placed on my list; they are more private and will cause fewer waves or the elephant in the room to jump up and down if I keep them that way.

Some more may even be reinstated on the fun Bucket list.

Never say Never.

39 thoughts on “Never say never, Grasshopper.”

  1. I am a to do list person, it’s so satisfying ticking the tasks when complete. However, I don’t have a bucket list nor do I have the other one.

    I would hate to leave a list unticked, but more importantly, I can’t think of anything to put on the list, I’m content as I am.

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    1. Well, I think that’s the ultimate goal for most us; to be content with ourselves and our life. For me, having us both in good health outweighs the contentment goal. I suppose we shall be content once again. How could you not be content when you live in Nth Yorkshire 😊

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  2. I feel that the older we get, the more we prioritize and the less we want to waste energy on things that don’t matter, that we don’t care about, or that upset us. I hear you about not having room for certain people and attitudes! But, I’m still at an age – and determination – where I’d love to learn Spanish. So, every evening, I do a few DuoLingo lessons. 🙂

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    1. I wonder perhaps if you didn’t do the martathons your general health may not be as good as it is? I haven’t got the right type of body to do running so I stick to fast walking. Which is supposed to be more kinder on my joints, well, that’s the theory. Agreed regarding the exiting out of moving planes.

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    1. Lovely to read a comment from you, Rachel. Yes, playing basketball and walking are highlights of my week. I still haven’t managed cold sea swimming like you. I think it will stay on the F*ckit list for longer.

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  3. Suzanne, I like your attitude. Why chase a dream that doesn’t really matter anymore? I have moved ‘play the piano’ and ‘learn a language’ to my F*ckit List and have no intention of reviving them. I had also moved ‘scuba diving’ to that list, but last week I finally achieved that bucket list item. Never say never, indeed.

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  4. That’s a great list! The older I get, the less I worry about stuff… and the less stuff I want. I also have given up learning another language. I get along just fine with a few key words, a smile, and sign language. Of course, I’m lucky that some level of English is spoken just about everywhere. I’m waiting for a language chip is available to be inserted in my head. Until then, there are some great translation aps out there.

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    1. Thanks Janis, and I agree with your points about “stuff”, it’s challenging ourselves to keep doing what we love and to keep extending those boundaries as we age. Oral language has always been a bug bear for me. As I have aged writing is a good outlet.

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    1. Totally agree, Jo. I am forever inspired by friends and my inspirational basketball team. Women who are over 70 to mid 80s who still play basketball on a weekly basis. Just completed my first basketball tournament yesterday it was brilliant fun.

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