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What’s been happening? Summer 2022

It's been a while, and I have missed consistently reading various blogs and tapping away on the computer keys about what's going on with us. So, I guess this means I am back.

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Down By the Dockside, Tolaga Bay

With the beginning of summer and the festive season there's the search for all sorts of gear that's been stored away for the last year. Why? because it's time for camping with many whanau/family heading around the coast to their annual damp whoops I mean sunny campsite. Here is one popular East Coast spot. Proud… Continue reading Down By the Dockside, Tolaga Bay

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Have you stayed in a Haunted Hotel?

Recently we had the experience of staying in a place that was once a grand 19th-century hotel.  Which sits proudly on a hilltop overlooking the Waitomo Caves. It does sound very posh doesn't it, well, as it so happens the Queen's head once lay on a fluffed up pillow on the first floor, during late… Continue reading Have you stayed in a Haunted Hotel?