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What’s been happening? Autumn 2022

Late as I might be and way behind in sharing many half-written so let me start with some of my happenings during Autumn.

Not too warm at night, not too cold during the day and mostly just right to pursue more vicarious outside activities. We have had a warmer than usual Autumn; it all abruptly ended with a blast of cool weather, finishing off any sign of summer and autumn during the third week of May.

Autumn rain and blooms
Autumn at it’s best

With autumn comes the array of yellows, oranges and browns throughout our neighbourhood, a place we enjoy more as time passes. We haven’t moved around as much as we would’ve liked though this isn’t a negative thing as being close to home has been comforting, and etching a life here is our purpose more so than travelling. All our travelling efforts are currently to get us to the Squire’s next medical appointment in Auckland.

Now that I’ve mentioned medical appointments. A short update to say that his health is reasonably stable, and his blood levels though comparatively very low, are currently staying put. Even though he’s been very stoic in his ever-challenging episodes with GVHD, we take one day at a time as nothing is guaranteed to remain the same with his health, whether good or not. It has been rather stressful between the Squires’s health and having both parents in a Carehome during Covid times. I counteract stressful moments via exercise as I have found it’s an incredible antidote to all that life dumps into my lap, so to speak. Though, I course, it’s not just the physical side that’s important; it is the social connection, the friendship building, with the women I exercise with weekly.

One Foot after another

As I have previously mentioned, I am training for another half marathon with an equally enthusiastic friend; that enthusiasm may dwindle when we start upping the pace with our training in the following weeks. Training is going well, though, at times, I have questioned my sanity while persuing another long walk. The hardest part is the mental readiness, getting rid of negative self-talk, and reminding myself with training; it’s achievable. Like most things in life, keep focussed on placing one foot after another and keep fingers crossed. These soul-warming sunrises are one of the most enjoyable aspects of getting my butt moving on a cold winter’s morning.

Harbourside Drive – an excellent flat walk to work on speed and endurance

Still Dribbling and Shooting with other SWISH’ers

Competition time and we are divided into colours – I’m in the yellow team

I am still passionate about basketball participation and am happy to share that I have gone from looking like a possum caught in headlights to a woman grasping that hard basketball and shooting more hoops under pressure. Plus, making the right moves around the court more quickly and feel like I am contributing to my team on the day. I love it. It is a game that gets to you and leaves me feeling like you have achieved something. The women I play with are forever an inspiration. Who says sports are only for the young? This brings me to how often I hear people say, I am past that, too old. Of course, we all have our limits, and everything we do must have a certain amount of common sense thrown in to ward off injuries. Though it’s inspirational to see older women still pursuing a love of basketball that started in their teens, even when dodgy body parts scream and yell for them to stop.

A snippet of our autumn ends, and hopefully, I won’t be so late with my next update. Just in case I am late, here is a preview of one of the sights I captured during winter.

Winter Walk – Cornwall Park

30 thoughts on “What’s been happening? Autumn 2022”

  1. Glad to see your update and the way use use exercise for mental, as well as physical strength. I was just reading a book today about how Victorian women were told they were too frail and so they became. Glad that notion hit the trash bin! I had a couple great mountain bike rides this week which was just what I needed.

    Having Lee stable has to be a good deal better than ups and downs. Wishing you both the best. Love those fall colors!!

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    1. I’m also pleased that the notion women were too frail was binned. As they say anyone who has the capability to give birth will never be frail in nature ๐Ÿ™‚
      Good for you, Eilene, regarding the mountain biking. Me, I am more likely to be seen biking on flatter ground.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Anabel and yes I too sometimes feel tired thinking about what I have set myself to do. I hope you enjoyed your morning cuppa and the day.


  2. Grateful for the update, and to know that you are still hitting those challenges head on, Suzanne. My neighbour is quite overweight and has just started training for the Camino next year. Part of me wants to do it too. Those sunrises, and your glorious autumn colours! Keep smiling!

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    1. You are welcome, Jo. Not too much happening in our world though time seems to go by fast especially as it’s winter. Sat at home feeling miserable with a head cold. A positive is that I can use the time to catch up with blogging. I think you would be more than capable in doing a Camino, it’s more a mental thing than perhaps the physical. Look forward to hearing more about whether you decide to do one or not. I try to always find the time to smile ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Isn’t time a strange thing? It either spins out like elastic or pings fast, depending on what you’re doing. And then the day is suddenly gone. And here’s another….! Hope you’re feeling a bit better this morning-evening?

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  3. Your autumn/winter colours are gorgeous as is that sunrise! Glad to hear you are both doing well though I think you must be mad to run a half marathon! My daughter took up running a couple of years ago and she is entered into the London marathon this year so upping the training. I have never seen the fun in running, but I can see how it puts you in the zone and empties the mind. Something I think both you and she share for different reasons. Keep strong Suzanne xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks very much, Jude; having these healthy goals has been a lifesaver for my sanity on more than one occasion. It does empty the mind and puts things in perspective. Wow, your daughter is doing really well. The London Marathon is something many runners set as their ultimate goal. I know for years there were a few NZ travel companies organising runners to participate in it. Running isn’t something I have ever done, I haven’t got the body type for it. Love walking, whether it is slow or fast ๐Ÿ™‚


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