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Weekend Walks – Fergusson Park, Tauranga

The quieter Harbourside Drive is not far from our front door via busy roads in all directions. If you follow the pathway circling the harbour, past Kulim Park, you will end up at another much larger park, Fergusson. As this is a short walk, approximately 4 km, strolling at a leisurely pace is more enjoyable when the sights are more important than raising your heartbeat. A slow walk lets you absorb the harbour views along the water’s edge of the inner Tauranga Harbour, stop at a playground, or find a seat to watch the array of people passes by.

Looking back in the direction of Kulim Park and where I started

Being more significant, so are the activities. Mainly it seems that the actions here require a higher level of fitness. For example, half-marathons. This park was the beginning and end of the Tauranga Half Marathon event, which hasn’t been the case for a few years. There are the local cricket teams for regular sports watching during summer, who always seem to have quite a few avid supporters. I have never stopped and enjoyed the games, as cricket isn’t my thing. To be fair to the local teams, I should stop and watch, and I may surprise myself and enjoy the experience. It’s more the Squires thing watching cricket than mine.

The Curious Object and Sunsets

Something quirky and something snapped while cycling and not walking – The Foot-Bridge to Nowhere – The stone and concrete footbridge at Kiriwai Place Reserve in Matua, to the west of Fergusson Park
Sunset from Fergusson Park – looking over the Tauranga Harbour
Taken a while ago – sunset

A Snippet of History

In between Kulim and Fergusson Park, there is an empty section where once, in 1840, the Catholic mission station stood. It was set up by Bishop Pompallier, resulting in many French Catholics settling in the area. The land adjacent to the mission was the property of James Farrow, the first permanent trader in the area. He also held the title of being the first settler to buy land in 1838.

24 thoughts on “Weekend Walks – Fergusson Park, Tauranga”

    1. Hiya Chris, Les is going through yet another bump in the road to recovery. Thanks for asking; much appreciated. I hope you and Bevan are doing ok xx


    1. Thanks very much, Janis. I think we are very fortunate to have picturesque areas to enjoy. Recently there has been an upgrade to the walkways and a very modern playground. The council is there wisdom have erected a basketball hoop, might have to go there and practice, one day soon.


  1. Those sunset photos are stunning Suzanne. The second one is like a painting. Sorry to hear the Squire isn’t feeling too chipper this week, I hope he improves soon xx

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  2. Gorgeous images, I particularly like the one of you looking back, the first one after your husband.
    I was sorry to read your reply to Derrick about the squire’s health. It’s been a long and difficult journey for him so I hope his new medications begins to reap the benefits very soon.

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  3. A sequence of peaceful thoughts and images, Suzanne. I love that view back into Kulim. I don’t have patience for cricket either, but I could sit on that bridge quite happily and watch the water’s flow. Many thanks for sharing.

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