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One Foot After Another – Breathe

I said to my mate
Let’s do the Tauranga Half
A little walk along the way
21k’s should be plenty.

We’ll be fine, being 60 plus
Heaps of people do it
It’ll be fun, you will see
A walk in the park, so to speak.

Well, now the time has come
To start this training lark
Headspace and gear all ready
It’s time to hit the trail.

The day dawns bright and clear
Stretches to be done
Before striding out the door
Nice to see a bright sunrise.

One foot in front of another
The harbour path not much fun
When flushed and sweaty
Out walking in the sun.

A good time to hit the shady space
Waikareao estuary is the place
Head across the road
And come face to face.

With a great big dog
Barking and not shy
Luckily that dog
Only wanted to say hi.

A few more winding paths
The training plan is clear
The end is in sight
When we see that finish line.

23 thoughts on “One Foot After Another – Breathe”

    1. Hi Neil, at the moment, quite often as I build up speed [not as fast as I used to be!] and endurance. One long walk [10km+] a week with shorter [around 10km] ones interspersed during the week. On average 3 times a week, basketball twice a week. I enjoy the challenge of getting fitter.

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