Hello 2020, and the F*ckIT List

Do you ever feel like you're in Episode 10, Season 5 of your life and the writers are just doing crazy outrageous mostly unwanted stuff just to keep your life interesting? Well, sometimes Life at No22 feels just like that.  Weirdly and annoying so.  A while ago, I mentioned a F*ckIT Bucket List.  Don't remember? … Continue reading Hello 2020, and the F*ckIT List

Australia, Musings, Travel

Custodians of Regional Stories

Queensland Roadtrip Part 7 This is not about a particular section of Far North Queensland; it's about a small square footage which is situated in strategic places from small towns in the outback to cities.  It's about local people sharing local highlights. Who with vast amounts of enthusiasm will find out what you are interested… Continue reading Custodians of Regional Stories

The Motorhoming Years

Our Journey to Milford Sound

I'm heading back to when fulltime motorhoming was our way of life, and the arrival of Spring was something we looked forward to. Which meant driving our motorhome "Purr-Inn" from the North Island via a small gap of rough seas and the Interisland Ferry to head on over to the South Island. It was a… Continue reading Our Journey to Milford Sound