My Pick of 5 – Dunedin Street Art

Heading back to Dunedin where New Zealand’s first public art gallery just happens to be and it’s artistic roots are continuing to expand al fresco.

In 2016, the city’s art scene celebrated the fact that they had enticed a well known Belgian artist ROA to paint a tuatara (local reptile) on the side of a building in historic Bath Street.

From that moment on and with incentives of home-stays, tours of Castle St and rugby matches local and international artists have used Dunedin’s walls as a canvas for their creativity. Nestled between alleyways and showcased alongside historic buildings, some are partially hidden, revealing more and more of themselves on approach. Other works were more exposed and could be seen from afar.

Today the Dunedin Street Art Trail takes in 25 walls on a 90-minute walk that meanders from the harbour to Queens Gardens.

Here are a few that took my fancy and ones I captured.

The Whale and the Waka

The Whale.jpg

This art form represents a Maori waka and a steam-punk like submarine emerging from a fish’s mouth.  A unique piece by Phlegm [UK] which incorporates local history alongside his distinctly fantastical style.  The slice of history that he’s highlighting was the incident where a Japanese submarine was supported in the Otago Harbour, during WW11.

Sited on the side of Vogel St Kitchen.

Untitled design (2)_edited

The Child on the Horse

The Child on the Horse

Pixel Pancho [Italian] in his “Riding Dreams” demonstrates a complex interweaving of the human form, flora, and metal.  In which creates the surreal image of a ‘not quite human’ boy riding a fantastical metal horse reflecting his fascination with 1950s robots.

Situated on the corner of Jetty/Princes Sts.

Untitled design (2)_edited

Donald Duck and Daffy Duck

Donald Duck and Daffy

This is just a part of a colourful and exciting mural collaboration on Water St which began as part of the first Dunedin Street Art Festival in 2014.  It was completed in early 2015. Demonstrating the unique style of eight local and international street artists.

Sited in Vogel Street.

Untitled design (2)_edited

The Haast Eagle

The Eagle

This fantastic art piece is the representation of the extinct Haast Eagle and created by the Chinese artist DALeast.  It’s reflective of his unique style which presents the frenetic shape of animals and people as if they have been constructed out of shards of metal.

Sited at 25 Stafford Street.

Untitled design (2)_edited

Playfully Throw and Spray Paint

4 photos in one - throwing the paint

Children spraying paint - Art by Be Free

Be Free began making feminine and mischievous street art using found objects, stencils and aerosol art after moving to Melbourne and becoming fascinated by the artworks that were plastered and sprayed on its inner-city laneways.

Sited at 106 Bond Street.

I have chosen just five to highlight the quality of street art down in Dunedin, so there is more art to discover by walking the streets.  Have fun finding more.

Dunedin Street Art

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    1. Yes, I saw that South London one, on a website, another jaw dropping art display.

      Geoff I sure you will both enjoy Dunedin in summer to early Autumn. Extensive flower displays in spring so I hear.

      Though I am sure the locals would say it is great to visit at any time, depending on how many layers of clothing you prefer to wear.

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