Have you seen Tauranga Street Art?

Isn’t it just the bee’s knees when turning a street corner and receiving an eye full of incredible street art?

Impossible is nothing

For myself,  I just love seeing street art and the fact that I can walk around the city I live in and get to view them is well, superb.  We were spoilt with fantastic street art in various forms while housesitting in the UK and Europe and even via cities in NZ, like Dunedin.

What is fun and new to me is The Third Street Prints Mauao in Tauranga Moana, showcasing international and local street artists work around our city walls.  It is now in its fourth year, and it starts today with a pōwhiri to welcome the artists on top of Mauao at 9am.  I will be done and dusted with my mountain climb by that time.

While I spend some time digesting the new sights around the city and surrounding areas let me share a few older pieces.

What happens when your city asks an amazing nationally renowned artist Shane Walker to create a giant four-panel mural?

This happens.

“Devonport Reserve – A Walk into Nature”







Have you seen Tauranga Street Art

Click the below links to check out other street art we have seen.

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40 thoughts on “Have you seen Tauranga Street Art?”

  1. Fantastic, Sue. Believe it or not, Kawerau is alive with street art, masterpieces by Marc Spijkerbosch from Rotoma and Kawerau’s Bela Ughy. They’re beautiful and surprisingly free of vandalism and graffiti.

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  2. I enjoy reading and learning more about NZ especially after our visit there last year. This giant mural is amazing. I checked out your post on Dunedin Street Art. Very creative, intricate pieces. I need to see whether our city has any street art. Chemainus is about an hour’s drive from where I live and it is known as a city of murals. A very interesting post, Suzanne!

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    1. Thanks Erica, and I am sure your city will have street art of some kind. It has become a very community orientated way to put a personal mark on what are usually boring concrete walls. As long as the art is professionally done and no graffiti ruins it.

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  3. Good street art is a wonderful addition to a town and those panels are excellent, especially the fern poking out of the ‘hole’. They have a very ‘Victorian’ look about them, if that makes sense, as if they are illustrations from explorations long ago.

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    1. I do understand what you mean regarding them having a Victorian look. As I’ve seen sketchings completed from explorers (history books from The Elms) around in this area.


    1. Hi Lyn, pleased you enjoyed our city. She is going through some major changes at the moment. More people are appreciating inner city living with more apartments being built. We love living here with our harbour view.

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  4. Ooh; an excellent reason to visit Tauranga! I love that towns are really embracing street art; Whangarei and Whanganui both have lots of work that has been created in the last few years too.

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