Life at No.22, Poetry

Rain on me

Walking along muddy trails, listening to the beat of raindrops, nostrils filled with freshened air, catching drops on my tongue – beats a moment of sitting indoors, clean and dry.


Looking upwards, greying clouds

The rain comes down

Refreshing and clean

Clear plump dollops hitting my face

They splash upon smiling teeth

Revitalising my skin and all within.

The rain still comes down.

Squishing sounds moving forward

Nearly home, the rain follows.

Tauranga Harbour – facing South

24 thoughts on “Rain on me”

    1. Thanks very much, Janis. I enjoy the rhythmic sound of rain drops to put me to sleep. Though don’t hear them as much now as we don’t technically have a roof. So, out walking in the rain is such a pleasure as it is warm and wet.


    1. Wind and rain means that some trees don’t stand a chance. I have my fingers crossed that some of the more elderly trees around our neighbourhood are not affected. Oh yes, still raining on and off.


    1. Not sure where it’s coming from if it is heaven then I may rethink where I want to reside in the next life 😉 Walk after basketball today was challenging with mud and rain, walking with a friend made it much more fun.


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