Life at No.22, New Zealand

The Legend of Mauao [Mt Maunganui]

Mauao -  “caught in the light of the day”. As many of you know, I head up Mauao [the Mount] regularly though not recently.  Watching the sun ignite into another day I think is so life-affirming. Then there is so much more to this iconic mountain than enjoying the views and climbing it. As with many… Continue reading The Legend of Mauao [Mt Maunganui]

Life at No.22, Walks

An Architectural Experience in NZ

Most of us automatically start thinking cathedrals, usually on a grand scale or the visual eye-catcher of a modern museum when architectural design is mentioned.   Let me be honest, I took for granted we would have many more years together to reexplore Architectural Wonders of the World while housesitting.  Then I thought does Architecture have… Continue reading An Architectural Experience in NZ