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A Walk around Mt Maunganui [Mauao]

The day started with grand ambitions to scale a Mountain, she’s a reasonable size towering an impressive 231 metres skywards.

These were changed when darkening skies were forming right behind us as we headed towards the start of our walk. Thoughts of a less wet ending to this story might occur if I went around the base of the Mount with the Squire instead of stepping upwards.

There is always another opportunity to do a Mountain climb.

Around the corner we go

Walking around Mauao is one of New Zealand’s most iconic walks. A walk that can be completed by most people as it is an easy 3.4kms walk which should take no longer than 40 minutes, now incorporating more steps than we remember. Taking us around a full circle that includes an extinct volcano and can be walked in either direction. From the white sand beach beside the ocean right around to the sheltered waters of Pilot Bay and vice versa.

As with the Papamoa Hills, Mauao was also once a Maori pa site, and evidence of trenches and ancient shell middens can be seen as we walked around. It was now time to quicken our step as the clouds were becoming more menacing.

Not wanting to be drenched we headed in the direction of a few cafes as they were closer than the bus stop.

This was when this walk became a cafe walk and not the whole emphasis on walking. We were going to include a caffeine reward. Walking away from Mauao and heading towards the waterfront. Shock-Horror. Our favourite cafe was not there, The Slowfish had gone. With that discovery, we decided to go in search of another favourite that we have frequented on a regular basis when previously living in Papamoa.

This particular cafe goes by the name of “Eighty Eight Cafe”.

Usually, when we return to New Zealand, we don’t have the luxury of time to indulge in too many cafe stops or the budget to do so.

Back to the moment, it was time to satisfy our curiosity and see if it still held that same magic.

It did!

Flat White

Still popular as ever, still serving great coffee and still serving an extensive array of eats not forgetting to mention the satisfying piping hot coffee. Do it the kiwi way and ask for a flat white, though we have been more used to drinking long blacks than flat whites.

There is a perfect range to eat, off the menu or countertop. To name just a few, such as a deliciously gooey caramel and oaty coffee slice, a savoury muffin packed with goodness, for added taste and interest it had a half a rasher of bacon around it, to a light fruit muffin with lots of raspberries.

Very divine.

Sorry, no food porn of ours. I had forgotten to take a photograph. Too hungry, too busy eating and chatting!

I wonder how many of your walks, turn into “Cafe Walks”?.

a walk around mount maunganui [mauao}

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